Community Development

General Services Dept. Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

Building Window Hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (closed 12-1 for lunch)

Program Overview

The Community Development Department consists of the Planning Division, Building Division, and Engineering Division.

Planning Division

Counter Hours (Asst. Planner): Monday & Wednesday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Counter Hours (Planner): Tuesday & Wednesday, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
(Meetings by appointment only): Tuesday & Wednesday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

The Planning Division carries out the various functions and activities which create a vibrant livable community for our citizens and planning for future growth. Effective planning processes seek to manage growth and change in such a manner as to avoid unsightly and uncoordinated or inconsistent development, destruction of environmentally sensitive areas, and the creation of unfunded infrastructure needs. This division is responsible for the creation and provision of the General Plan and City Zoning Ordinances. These are the blue print and standards which guide the physical development of the community. In addition to providing development services this division also coordinates the establishment of Public Facility Impact fees used to pay for public facilities and infrastructure.

Building Division

Permit Counter Hours:
Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM (closed 12-1 for lunch)

Buidling Inspection Contact Information



You can also send your request via email to: and provide, the permit number, job site address, type of inspection, technician name and number.

The Building Division provides plan reviews and field inspections of buildings to ensure a safe and healthy environment and compliance with local ordinances and state regulations. This division provides customer service by assisting citizens and contractors on proper procedures pertaining to building within the Community. For the 12/13 FY the Building Division has been reduced to a full time Building Official and a part-time Administrative Assistant.


Downloadable Documents:

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Checklist
Building Permit Application
Commercial (T.I.) Submittal Checklist
Property Owner Declaration
Patio/Porch/Trellis Plan Submittal Requirements
New Residential and Residential Remodeling Plan Submittal Requirements
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Worksheet (ESCP)
Commercial Plan Submittal Requirements
Business License Inspection Guideline
CRC Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Mandate Handout
Contractor’s Business License
Work Exempt From Permit (Residential)
Work Exempt From Permit (Commercial)
Fastener Guide
Garage and Accessory Buildings (Jan 2020)
(Sample Site Plan) New Detached Garage
(Sample Floor Plan) New Detached Garage
Span Tables and Allowable Loads
16″ Alternate Braced Wall Panel Detail
Framing and Footing Details
2′-8″ AlternateFront Bracing Detail
FY 22-23 Adopted Miscellaneous Fee Schedule

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division provides for the administration and management of a full spectrum of activities including capital planning, engineering and design of public facilities and utilities, and public improvement inspection. This division is responsible for plan preparation and specifications for the various city capital improvements and expenditures and to ensure compliance with state competitive bidding and construction quality compliance. It is responsible for right of way management and for issuing encroachment permits. This division also coordinates the review of plans or various maps for compliance with state and local standards and ensures engineering of such projects comply with state and local standards and legal requirements.

Downloadable Documents:

Encroachment Permit Application

Water Well Application General Provisions

Well Permit Application

Post-Construction Standards Plan

General Plan

The City of Atwater General Plan was adopted in 2000. It was developed to anticipate the needs of the physical development of the community through the year 2020. The City of Atwater General Plan is now available for download. The document has been separated into eight sections.

Copies of the most current General Plan Map and Zoning Map are also available for download from this site. These are located on the City Maps Page.

The City also has copies of the General Plan Document, General Plan Map, and Zoning Map available for purchase at City Hall, 750 Bellevue Road in Atwater.

Downloadable Documents:

General Plan Section 1
General Plan Section 2 – Land Use
General Plan Section 3 – Circulation
General Plan Section 4 – Conservation and Open Space
General Plan Section 5 – Seismic and Public Safety
General Plan Section 6 – Noise
General Plan Section 7 – Economic Development
General Plan Section 8 – Glossary
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Worksheet (ESCP)


Grant administration for the City of Atwater has been managed by the Grants Manager since October 2007. Grant applications are made through federal, state and, occasionally, private sources for a variety of City projects. When appropriate, the City also partners with other agencies and community groups to maximize community benefit.

For grant statistics or further detail on currently open grant awards, pending applications and past grant projects completed, click on the links below.

Downloadable Documents:

Grant Update 2016 

Redevelopment Agency
The Atwater Redevelopment Agency is a separate entity within the City of Atwater; however the Board of Directors is composed of the Mayor and City Council Members. The Agency is focused on issues in the project area which was created in 1976 for the purpose of remedying physical and economic blight.

The Atwater Redevelopment Agency is the primary provider of business assistance and support under the various state and federal programs administered locally. These include the Enterprise Zone, Foreign Trade Zone, local Revolving Loan Fund, and Recycling Market Development Zone. In addition to business support the mission of the Agency is to stimulate new private investment, job creation, and market the opportunities available in the community. An emphasis of the Agency is to recruit and retain businesses so that local citizens have job and shopping opportunities, provide housing opportunities to low and moderate income residents through the use of Agency funds for low and moderate income housing, assist in providing a viable downtown business district, and facilitate capital improvements and investment to improve the Redevelopment Project Area.

Through the contributions of the Atwater Redevelopment Agency and by way of grant writing the city has developed a housing program. Currently, the city provides assistance to low and moderate income residents under the first time home buyers program and the housing rehabilitation program. The combination of agency funds, Community Development Block Grant Funds (CDBG), and Home Funds establish a strong local base to provide quality and affordable housing.

Downloadable Documents:

Atwater Redevelopment Project AreaCity of Atwater Positioning for Prosperity – Economic Development Strategic PlanAtwater Redevelopment 2009 – 2014 Implementation Plan
City of Atwater Rehab Flyer 2022

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