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The Atwater Police Department’s Records Bureau goal is to provide quality customer service to the citizens of Atwater, department personnel, and many other agencies requiring information and assistance.

The Records Bureau is comprised of two Records Clerks. This Bureau is part of the Administrative Services Division and is overseen by Police Chief Salvador. The staff in the Records assists the public by; answering the business phone lines, making referrals to other department personnel and agencies, providing fingerprinting services and researching requests for report copies and statistical information.

When the staff is not responding to customer service requests, they can be found entering data into local, county, state and national computer banks; maintaining the security and accuracy of the department’s records management system; maintaining the property and evidence taken into the department’s storage system; providing liaison duties with the local court system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out the status of my case?
To learn about the status of your case, please call 209-357-6384 to speak with the officer who took the original report. If he/she is unavailable you will be transferred to his/her voice mail where you may leave a message.

How do I know who is investigating my case?
Major felony cases are investigated by the Detective Bureau. You may contact us for the Detective Bureau Supervisor, and you can be provided with the investigator’s name and the answer to any general questions you may have.

Will you call me if my case ever comes to closure?
The investigator maintains contact with the victims in his or her cases. During their conversations, significant events may be disclosed including the closure of the case.

Will you call me if my property is found?
If your property is recovered during an investigation, the investigator will notify you. In some cases property is recovered without identifying information (i.e. serial numbers). The investigating officers will make every effort to locate owners and return property.

Is the Records Counter open to the public 24 hours per day?
While we provide emergency services 24 hours per day, our records counter is open Monday through Friday – 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM for citizens to conduct business.

How can I obtain a copy of a police report?
You may come into the Records Bureau Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM and complete an application for release of information. We need the case report number or the date and location of the incident and the names of the parties involved.

How long will it take before I can obtain a copy of a police report?
After a criminal or miscellaneous report has been taken, the report will be available for release in five days. After an accident report has been taken, the report will be available for release in 10 days. If additional follow-up is required to complete the investigation, these time periods may be extended.

How much do copies of police reports cost?
Copies of police reports are $23.00. Incident printouts (given in the event that a police report was not taken) are $5.00. Statistical reports (i.e, how many reports have been taken at a specific location) are $20.00.

The insurance company says it is my responsibility to obtain a copy of my accident report. Is this correct?
This matter is between you and your insurance company. Most insurance companies do provide this service for you.

Are police reports “public information”?
Police reports, calls for service, and arrest information are for the most part public information, with specific exceptions as outlined in the California Public Records Act. All reports and computer-documented incidents are screened for any information that is not available to the public before release.

How do I get a copy of my arrest history?
You must apply directly to the California Department of Justice. You can contact the Department of Justice at 916-227-3832.

How do I get my arrest record sealed if I am an adult (18yrs or older)?
You must petition the court that had jurisdiction over your case. You may obtain the required form at the Records Counter of the Public Safety Building.

Can anyone obtain a copy of my arrest record?
No, that information will not be released to the public.

Is juvenile (under 18yrs old) arrest information public and can I obtain a copy?
No, you will be referred to the Juvenile Court.

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