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Mandatory Commercial Recycling (MCR) & Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling (MOR)

Mandatory Commercial Recycling (MCR) & Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling (MOR)

Certain businesses and multi-family dwellings that meet a trash-disposal threshold need to implement recycling services and organics diversion. To find out more, please visit these California state websites:


City of Atwater Collection Services Agreement and Franchise with Mid Valley Disposal – 7/1/2023

Food Recovery Organization Directory

To setup service or to see what your options are, please contact the City of Atwater at 209-357-6310 –they will contact Mid Valley Disposal.


The Public Works Department consists of seven (7) Divisions. The divisions are Water, Streets, Sewers, Storm Drains, Sanitation, Equipment Maintenance and Wastewater Treatment.

All Divisions are located at the City Corporation Yard on Aviator Drive.

Water Division

With few exceptions (problematic locations, incorrect/inaccurate computer inputs etc.), the Water Division has fulfilled the mandate set by Assembly Bill No. 2572 for installation of water meters in all residences built 1992 and after. Residents may still observe staff members in their neighborhoods as follow up procedures are required in some instances.

The Water Division will now continue working towards implementing a second phase of meter installation by surveying various sections of town, collecting pertinent information from addresses in these areas. Some locations are “meter ready” while the remainder will require substantial improvements.

The City has set up a Water Meter Hotline for any questions regarding Water Meter installation. Please leave your name, phone number and your concerns and your questions will be answered as soon as possible. The phone number is 209-357-6370.

Please select the link below to view the CCR Report (Drinking Water Quality Report conducted in 2018):

2022 – Consumer Confidence Report

2021 – Consumer Confidence Report

2019 – Consumer Confidence Report

Please select the link below to view the CCR Report (Drinking Water Quality Report conducted in 2017):

Streets Division

Equipment Maintenance Division

Mission Statement
To provide a comprehensive Equipment Maintenance program which responsively fulfills the vehicle and equipment needs of the City through cost-effective and dedicated personal service.

Equipment Maintenance is a division of the Public Works Department. The division operates as an internal service fund and is funded by billing clients for services rendered. We desire for our organization to be professional and committed to providing the highest level of service possible to its clients. To do so we constantly evaluate our current operation and the way we are doing business. We are continually exploring ways to improve the overall effectiveness of what we produce. We are creative, adaptive and not fearful of change. We value each employee’s role to look for the small incremental improvements which contribute to this process. This teamwork approach produces significant tangible improvement for the entire operation.

Equipment Maintenance procures materials and repair parts, maintains, and repairs all City vehicles and equipment. Maintenance is performed on a diverse 237 unit fleet ranging from patrol cars to fire trucks to pickups, staff cars, large trucks, construction vehicles, mowers and small gas powered construction equipment.

Additionally, Equipment Maintenance is responsible for Equipment fueling service, for maintinging emergency generators, disposal of vehicles at the endof econoimc life cycles, providing welding, project deisgn, and metal fabrication service to the City’s customers.

Clean Up Days Division

The City offers Clean Up Days twice a year. These events usually occur in the Spring and Fall. For more information on the services provided, please refer to the Monthly Newsletter, which is mailed with your utility billing or use the links to the left.

Rainy Day – Flooding Operation Plan

If you know of any areas which are not identified and are frequently flooded, please contact the Corporation Yard at 209-357-6370.

Sandbags are available on Atwater Boulevard, west of Moore’s Automotive.

Storm Water Management Group

The City of Atwater in conjunction with the County of Merced, the City of Merced, and Merced Irritation District have formed a Storm Water Management Group.

The Group partnered to develop a plan, and to share costs, to assure the continuity of program elements between agencies to fulfill the requirements set forth by the State Water Resources Control Board General Permit in accordance with the mandates of the Federal Clean Water Act.

Adopt-A-Park Program

The City of Atwater’s Adopt-A-Park Program provides an opportunity for Volunteers to maintain, preserve, protect and enhance parks and recreational facilities in the City.

The City recognizes the value of community participation and welcomes the invaluable partnership with Volunteers in the enhancement of public parks and recreational facilities.

To view Adopt-A-Park Volunteer Policy download the document below.

To start the volunteer process please complete the volunteer application contained in the City’s Adopt-A-Park Handbook. To view the handbook and forms download the handbook below.

Age. Volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during their volunteer service.

Downloadable Documents:

Parks & Community Trees

For information on pruning, tree removal and/or mistletoe, please email the Parks & Urban Forestry Manager below.

Leaf Season

The program begins November 21, 2023, and will continue through January 21, 2024 or longer if conditions call for it. Leaves will be collected on City streets once each week. Normal street sweeping will continue on a request basis only.

Please select the titles “Leaf Season” and “Leaf Season – Map” for more information.

Leaf Season Flyer (English)

Leaf Season Pickup Map

Wasp Problems

Some areas in the City have been plagued by paper wasps. Although these wasps are beneficial to the agricultural community, they are a nuisance to a neighborhood. Below are some links that contain some information on the wasps and ways to eradicate them. The City has taken a pro-active stance by placing some homemade wasp traps in the landscaped areas of the Las Casas subdivision.

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