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General Plan Technical Advisory Committee


  • Facilitate, in concert with city staff, consultants and the public, the update of the 2000 City of Atwater General Plan throughout the General Plan Update process
  • Supplement the community input provided at public workshops and provide feedback and guidance throughout the General Plan Update
  • Provide feedback and direction to the project consultant and City staff, with the goal of developing policies and objectives of the new General Plan that are responsive to community input, conditions, goals, and vision
  • Refine the approach taken for each major step in the process, provide feedback through interim steps, review reports, and review policy alternatives to select preferred policies
  • Provide guidance at key project milestones
  • Communicate information about the General Plan Update to the City of Atwater community members and to encourage all interested parties to participate in the process
  • Make a recommendation to the Planning Commission and the City Council on the adoption of the General Plan Update


Committee meetings will be held once per month of the first Wednesday at 6:00pm in the City Hall Council Chambers at 750 Bellevue Road, Atwater CA 95301. All meetings of the committee are open to the public.


The Mayor appoints the members of the Committee which includes:

  • Two members of City Council: The Mayor and one councilmember
  • Two Members of the Planning Commission: The Chair and one commissioner
  • Three technical members who may or may not be Atwater residents.


For any questions related to the General Plan Technical Advisory Committee or the General Plan Update, please email

2022 Regular Meeting Schedule Calendar (PDF of Calendar coming soon)

Meeting DatesAgendaPacketMinutes
9-8-22Notice of Special Meeting
12-7-22Notice of Cancellation
1-4-23Notice of Cancellation

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