Measure V Transportation Expenditure Plan – Citizens Oversight Committee

Amended Notice of Scheduled Vacancy/Nomination for the City of Atwater’s Representative on the Measure V – Merced County’s Transportation Expenditure Plan – Citizens Oversight Committee

Measure V Citizens Oversight Committee Application for Nomination to Represent the City of Atwater

Appendix B – Citizens Oversight Committee

Measure V is Merced County’s transportation sales tax that was passed by voters in November 2016. It is estimated that the measure program will generate $15 million in new revenue annually for a total of $450 million through the life of the measure. As the Local Transportation Authority for Merced County, MCAG will administer the Measure V program.

The Measure V Transportation Expenditure Plan (Plan) requires a Citizens Oversight Committee to ensure the measure program is implemented as outlined in the Plan. The committee will review financial and performance audits, reports from member agencies, annual receipts, and other documents necessary to assess the program’s consistency with the Plan. The committee will also prepare an annual report to inform the public how measure funds were spent. A full list of committee responsibilities can be found in the attached Appendix B – Citizens Oversight Committee.

Eligibility and Term of Membership
Applicants must be U.S. citizens 18 years of age or older, a qualified elector residing within the corporate limits of the City of Atwater, and are not public employees at any state, county or local city agency, or an elected official at any level of government. Committee members will be required to submit an annual statement of financial disclosure consistent with Fair Political Practices Commission rules and regulations.

Committee terms will be two years with no member serving more than 8 years on the committee. In an effort to maintain committee member consistency, during the first two years of the committee, terms will be staggered with 7 of the members to serve one year term, 7 of the members to serve a two year term. The length of the first terms will be determined via random selection. Proxy voting will not be permitted.

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