Neighborhood Crime Watch (NCW)

NCW is a partnership between residents and law enforcement to improve safety and prevent crime. NCW can help you learn:Who your neighbors are and how to work with them, how to use a neighborhood map and roster to communicate, how and why crime happens, how to improve home security and personal safety, how to recognize and report suspicious activity. Active NCW groups with visible NCW signs can deter crime.

Participation: Anyone who lives in Atwater can participate in NCW. You may live in an apartment or condominium complex, a townhouse or a single family home.

  1. Read the information below:
  2. Contact the neighbors: determine the meeting time – typically a weekday evening about 6:30 or 7:00 PM.
  3. Schedule a meeting: Call the Police Department NCW contact: 209-357-6384. By email: Corporal Novetzke
  4. Distribute flyers: inviting neighbors to the NCW meeting 7 to 10 days prior to the meeting. PD can help supply the flyers.
  5. On the meeting day: give your friends a reminder call or flyer. Neighborhood Crime Watch meetings can be scheduled anytime.

Meetings: A Police representative will discuss crime in Atwater and your area, how and when to contact the police and the NCW program requirements, how and why it works, what you can do to make your home safer and securer, and what other neighborhoods are doing.

Schedule and have a NCW meeting: Complete a roster of members’ names, addresses and telephone numbers, complete a neighborhood map, select a Block Captain and an Alternate for the group, decide how many signs you want and where the signs should be installed, bring a copy of the completed map, roster and funds to purchase the sign(s) to the police department, the group must meet at least once a year, and maintain a current map and roster, child, teen or senior safety, Halloween, Summer or Holiday safety, scams or fraud schemes.

Block Captain: The Block Captain and the Alternate are liaisons between the NCW group and the police department. They make sure the map and the roster are complete and the NCW signs are purchased and installed. They also schedule NCW meetings at least once a year, maintain a current membership roster and map, and distribute Crime Alert Bulletins when provided by the police department. Many groups rotate the Block Captain and Alternate responsibilities.

NCW signs: Every official NCW group must have at least one NCW sign. The NCW sign acts as a crime deterrent by notifying people who enter the area that the neighborhood is watching and knows how to contact the police.

Communication and Meeting Topics: In addition to the telephone rosters and flyers, Email, websites and newsletters have been used by NCW groups. Some groups have formal meetings, others are relaxed with barbecues and block parties. Most groups focus on safety and crime prevention. The police department offers brochures and videos on Personal Safety and Crime Awareness. Some NCW groups are actively involved in community issues such as: Traffic Safety, Neighborhood Beautification, and youth activities.

Website for Crime Prevention Information: The Atwater Police Department provides monthly crime prevention information in partnership with the Crime Prevention Connection.

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