The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and serves as the chief executive of the City and the key staff adviser to the City Council. It is the responsibility of the City Manager, with the assistance of City Staff, to implement the policies as directed by the City Council and to enforce all municipal laws and regulations for the benefit of the community.

The City Manager also serves as the Director of Public Protection. The City Manager’s duties include; direction and supervision of all departments, planning and implementation of key projects, and to provide a balance between the desired level of municipal services and the available revenue to provide those services.

The City Manager oversees eight departments: Administrative Services – Finance, City Administration, Community Development, Community Services – Parks & Recreation, Economic Development & Special Projects, Fire, Police and Public Works.

The City Manager serves as Executive Director of the Successor Agency to the Atwater Redevelopment Agency, the Atwater Fire Protection District, the Atwater Housing Authority, the Atwater Public Financing Authority, and the Atwater Public Improvement Corporation.

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