Considering locating or expanding a business in Atwater?

The City of Atwater has several programs to assist local businesses in being more prosperous, including:

Local Revolving Loan Fund – administered by Merced County
Entrepreneur Training Program – administered by the Alliance SBCD
Access to business counseling and customer service training programs – administered by the Alliance SBCD

The City also has adopted as part of its mission to continuously work to improve local economic development conditions by being proactive and helpful to our business partners.

The City has a close working relationship with the Atwater Chamber of Commerce. This relationship allows for information to be shared back and forth. The Chamber and its members are aware of issues and opportunities within the community from the City’s perspective. The City is also advised of issues facing local businesses and the Chamber plays a key role in understanding potential impacts that may arise from local policies which may affect businesses.

If you have any questions or need specific assistance please contact the City.


Economic Development
750 Bellevue Road
Atwater, CA 95301
209-357-6363 fx

Downloadable Documents

City of Atwater Positioning for Prosperity – Economic Development Strategic Plan

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