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Please note the Community Development & Resources Commission (CDRC) Public Hearing Date is scheduled for Wednesday, April 5, 2017. The original notice had the day listed as Tuesday however the date was correct, April 5, 2017. Revised Notices are being mailed to everyone within the project area boundary and 300 feet adjacent to the project location, a revised notice has been posted at City Hall 750 Bellevue Road, and a revised notice will be run in the Merced Sun Star.

Project Description

The Ferrari Project is 359-acre land development project. Some of the project area is only being considered for Annexation, existing residential areas for example. Other components of the project have specific development components being considered.

The project could potentially include the following;

  • New development capacity/uses: 191 new dwelling units – in existing residential areas included in the annexation portion of the project
  • 2,494,454 SF of commercial/business park building area
  • 267,000 SF hospital
  • 399,100 SF medical offices
  • 20 acres reserved for regional park
  • Infrastructure (roads, water, sewer, storm)
  • 20-year build out – due to market factors

Project Consideration Process Overview

Consider nine approvals (resolutions/ordinances):

  • Certify Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
  • General Plan Amendment
  • Prezoning
  • Annexation
  • Remove land from Agricultural Preserve (Subarea 3)
  • Planned Development Master Plan (Subarea 3)
  • Vesting Tentative Map (Subarea 3)
  • Development Agreement (Subarea 3)
  • CEQA: Findings, Statement of Overriding Consideration, Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program

Next Steps

  • Community Development & Resource Commission (CDRC) to receive project consideration package
  • CDRC public hearing – scheduled for April 5, 2017 at 6 PM, City Hall, 750 Bellevue Road, Atwater CA
  • Consideration package modified for City Council
  • City Council public hearing – date to be determined
  • Annexation application submitted to LAFCO – date to be determined
  • LAFCO public hearing – date to be determined

Community Development and Resources Commission

I. Cover
II. Inside Title Page
III. Table of Contents
IV. COMPLETE_FINAL CDRC Staff Report 3_13_16
1a. EIR Certification Resolution
1b. Ferrari Project-EIR Certification Resolution-Draft Program EIR
1c. Ferrari Project- EIR Certification Resolution-Final Program EIR
2. General Plan Amendment Resolution
3. Resolution to Adopt Pre-zone Ordinance
4. Ferrari Project-Annexation Resolution
5. Ferrari Project-Agricultural Preserve Removal Resolution
6. Planned Dev Master Plan Resolution
7. Ferrari Project-Vesting Tentative Map Resolution
8. Resolution Adopting Development Agreement Ord
9. CEQA_SOC_MMRP_Findings Resolution

Downloadable Documents

Ferrari Ranch PH Notice (CC of 5-8-17).pdf

Ferrari Ranch PH Notice (CDRC 4-5-17)(REVISED)

Ferrari Ranch PH Notice Labels for CDRC of 4-5-17

PublicNotice_Ferrari Ranch_Map

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