Interested in developing a new commercial, industrial, multi family, or single family unit within the City of Atwater?

We can provide information on the permitting process – approval steps and associated fees.

We need some basic information to get started. Please email to

Project location – street address, street name, subdivision name or as much information as possible.

Size of the building or buildings – please provide in square feet, as much detail as possible is helpful.
Building Valuation – the estimated cost for all materials and construction labor or expense needed for the building construction.

Parcel Size – specify acreage or square footage of the lot – parcel to be developed.

Site Improvement Value – the estimated costs to do site work related to a new construction project. Typically includes the cost to provide storm drainage, parking area, and all other flat work.

Off Site Improvements – if its known that off site work is needed please provide. This can include the costs to replace a portion of the roadway, install new water of sewer trunk lines, trenching for utilities, etc.

Water Use – provide the estimated line size diameter needed for the project. Provide a separate line size for irrigation. Please also provide an estimate for domestic water usage per day.

Sewer Use – please provide an estimate for the amount of waste water to be produced each day. Also any information related to non domestic discharge. A secondary industrial questionnaire may be needed.

Traffic Impacts – please provide the peak hour trip generation if known, or estimated total daily trips, an ITE code is also acceptable. If not known provide a general description of the type of establishment.

Please keep in mind each location may have different fee districts or requirements. Each quote is crafted based on the best information we have. The quote does not address School Fees or any fees which may be required by the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District. Those agencies should be contacted separately.

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