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Atwater’s Measure B & Municipal Election

Voter Information

On July 25, the Atwater City Council unanimously placed Measure B –a public safety sales tax at the one-cent rate–on the November ballot.

Current voter-approved, Public Safety Funding, which generates approximately $2 million per year, expires in June 2023. Measure B is a special purpose tax that, if enacted, would be used to continue to fund local police and fire public safety services after the existing voter-approved funding expires.

Atwater firefighting levels are below national staffing standards, making responses to emergencies more difficult if there is more than one at a time. If enacted, Measure B can provide funding for firefighting and emergency response services.

Atwater police officers and firefighters help prevent crime, address homelessness, and provide emergency response. Local police officers and firefighters also volunteer in the community and provide support to our local businesses. If enacted, Measure B can generate funding that can be used to help Atwater retain our police officers and firefighters.

If enacted, Measure B is subject to annual independent financial audits, and public review of expenditures by the Citizens’ Oversight Committee, to oversee that Measure B funds are used for public safety services. As a local measure, Measure B funds will remain locally-controlled by the City of Atwater.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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