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General Plan Update

The City of Atwater has begun the process to update the General Plan. The last update was in 2000 with minor amendments and adjustments throughout the years.

The General Plan:

A General Plan is required to be prepare in accordance with California Government Codes Section 65300 et seq. A general plan is a technical document that identifies goals, policies, and implementation measures and contains maps and diagrams. It is a community-based, long-term policy document that guides the city in managing physical, social, and economic resources.

The General Plan serves as a basis for the decisions that affect future growth, development, and allocation of city services. It also provides a foundation for decision-making by City Council and the appointed Commissions and committees. The general plan also provides base for Zoning and Land Use decisions.

General Plan Technical Advisory Committee


For any questions related to the General Plan Technical Advisory Committee or the General Plan Update, please email

*updates will become available as the General Plan Update Process moves forward*

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