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We are almost ready to go Live with TextMyGov. (Monday, August 7, 2023)

TextMyGov uses a mobile phones regular messaging service as a way to relay information to the city. Code Complaints or animal control issues can be reported directly to the city and can include a picture, description, and other information. Smart Texting Technology identifies keywords in text messages to provide immediate assistance. This is also a way to boost traffic on the website as it can direct the resident back to the website for information. All information will be provided and available in English and Spanish. 

  • Categories are used for gathering information that will create a request and lead texters through a series of questions. Examples such as Water, Animal Control, Street, and Sewer. All such words have Category keywords for exampleWater” Category keywords (Water, leak, shut off, discolored, no water, water leak, low pressure).
  • One response words are used to inform texters of information and do not lead into a flow or ask any questions. Examples such as Food Truck, Traffic, and Trash. For example, when a resident texts Food Truck, they will receive a reply “For questions and information about food trucks and permits, please visit:”

The City of Atwater is excited to connect with our residents with TextMyGov. More information (including the number you can text to get started) will be provided on Monday, August 7th, 2023 when we go live.

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