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MERCED—Recently, Merced County officials have received reports of potential phishing scams regarding COVID-19 vaccinations.

Scammers allegedly posing as clinic workers have apparently contacted Merced County residents offering COVID-19 vaccine shots for a $100 fee. After paying the fee, the victim is then referred to a vaccination clinic where no appointment exists.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: There is NO cost associated with COVID-19 vaccinations at any Merced County or healthcare provider clinics. While health insurance is sometimes charged for administrative fees, there is no cost for the client.

When scheduling a vaccination appointment, residents are encouraged to only go through the following sources:

  • Merced County:
  • Your trusted, local healthcare provider if vaccinations are offered
  • Any established hospital where vaccinations are offered

If you feel you are the victim of one of these phishing scams, please contact the Merced County Sheriff’s Office at 209-385-7445 for investigative purposes.

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