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What is Measure O?

Measure O is a voter-approved sales tax, that would provide approximately $4,000,000 annually, requiring independent audits, oversight, and all funds dedicated solely to local Police and Fire services and facilities.

Is Measure O a new tax?

No. Measure O would replace the ½ cent local sales tax that is currently in effect for Public Safety in the City of Atwater at a 1 cent sales tax rate.  

Does Measure O have any oversight?

Yes. Measure O requires an independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee representing a range of interests and neighborhoods and will review all expenditures to ensure all funds are spent appropriately on Police and Fire services and facilities as outlined in an approved Expenditure Plan.

Is Measure O a special or general tax?

Measure O is a special tax. Its use is for public safety upgrades and upkeep for our Police and Fire Departments. Funds can’t be co-mingled with the City’s General Fund. The tax isn’t on your home or property or applied to food purchased as groceries or prescription medications.

When is Measure O on the ballot?

Measure O is on the March 3, 2020 Primary Ballot.

Maintaining and Enhancing Public Safety Services and Programs

To continue providing outstanding public safety services and fast response to Atwater residents who need emergency help, the City Council of the City of Atwater voted to place a 1 cent sales tax measure on the March 3, 2020 ballot. If approved by voters, Measure O would:

  • Upgrade police equipment and technology to solve crime, fight drugs and gangs, investigate elder abuse, and prosecute criminals
  • Expand proven anti-crime programs like gang and narcotics prevention and youth violence prevention efforts
  • Replace and/or upgrade inadequate, outdates equipment for firefighters
  • Upgrade and/or replace overcrowded, aging, and deteriorating police and fire facilities
  • Extend the existing public safety tax at the 1 cent rate and replace the ½ cent rate to provide for additional funding

Key Dates and Information:

Election Day: March 3, 2020

Look for your vote by Mail ballot: Week of February 3, 2020

Last day to register to vote in this election: February 17, 2020

Last day to request vote by mail ballot: February 25, 2020

Questions and Answers about Voting:

Who is eligible to vote on Measure O?

All registered voters in the City of Atwater.

How can I register to vote?

Visit if you are not registered to vote or need to update your registration information.

What level of support is required for passage?

In order to pass, Measure O must be supported by at least two-thirds of those who vote on it.

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