Patrol Bureau Program

The Patrol Bureau Program is a Field Operations program within the Field Services Division. It is staffed by Regular and Reserve Officers. Employees assigned to the Patrol Bureau work regularly scheduled shifts, in uniform, and are responsible for providing a wide range of law enforcement and police traffic services to members of the community’s residential neighborhoods and commercial business districts.

Employees assigned to the department’s Patrol Bureau are the most visible members of the department to citizen’s in the community. To a great extent, each member’s attitude toward the public and their individual performance in the field, sets the standard by which all other Police Department employee’s performances are measured and judged by citizens in the community.
The overall goal for members assigned to the department’s Patrol Bureau is to work actively and consistently toward achieving the Mission of the Atwater Police Department. Members working in the Patrol Bureau are responsible for sustained efforts at adhering to standards which:

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of department operations;

Encourage the enforcement of all laws firmly and fairly;

Promote employee accountability, and;

Work toward fostering a positive City image.

Each employee who is assigned to the Patrol Bureau is also expected to individually contribute on a continual basis to the fulfillment of specific department program goals and objectives through demonstrated and sustained field performance aimed at:

Reducing crime and motor vehicle accidents in the City

Promoting and enforcing standards and laws which enhance the quality of life for all citizens in the community, and;

Creating positive community perceptions of police professionalism by members working for the Atwater Police Department.

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